Soft Romantic Curls Hair Tutorial

Soft Romantic Curls Hair Tutorial

Upgraded variation:
Sorry there were arbitrary places of no sound// needed to get rid of a track via youtube's audio editor and also it turned out so lousy LOL
My room scenic tour:
How I dye/color my hair:
Hair care routine:
Make-up tutorial for this video clip:
Products used:
Tresemme Warm Tamer Spray – any type of pharmacy
Garnier Fructis Design- Flexible Hold – any kind of drugstore
Warm Devices 1 1/4 inch curling iron – Sally's Appeal Supply or Walmart (some).

Top & Bodice below – Forever21.
Get in touches with: Nudy Blue.

Hair color: John Frieda – Radiant Red 4R- Dark Red Brown -.

Snapchat: lilitmac.

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F T C: This video was not sponsored.

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25 Responses to Soft Romantic Curls Hair Tutorial

  1. WhatTechShow

    How do you make your hair looks so healthy?

    • Pana CChang (Smile027)

      By being a Pro.


    • Kayo Kim

      straightt perm

    • lilisimply

      My Hair Care Routine for Long, Healthy Hair! 🙂

  2. karinailuvhugz

    Tried these curls out and OMG i love them. They really did came out soft
    not like other videos that say that but don’t. I have thick so glad it
    worked out. Definitely gonna wear this hairstyle more often. And gonna look
    at your other videos and subscribe! 🙂 

    • lilisimply

      thanks for this comment! 🙂 I’m glad this worked out for ya!!

  3. lilisimply

    Sorry for the muted audio in this video everyone, had to remove a song via
    youtube’s audio editor and it turned out so shabby -_-

  4. Jenny Lamb

    are you curling in the same direction? – wants to do this tommorow for
    school , 

    • lilisimply

      nope! I alternate directions 🙂

  5. Lampdee✨

    Your hair colour really suits you! <3

  6. Annabell Bui

    Moments of regret cutting your hair short…..

  7. kawaiidragon88

    Can you add annotations or captions to the muted sections so we know
    exactly what you’re doing/saying? I’d love to try to make curls like these!

  8. Dat CrazyGal

    can you do a hair care routine please . my hair is frizzy and very thin.

  9. Passion Assassin (CountOnMe139)

    Luckily I can read lips xD

  10. Michelle Roman

    it’s so funny , i wanted to curl my hair so i clicked this video
    (obviously) & everything she has i have (hair products & curling iron)

  11. natalie c

    how long do u keep it in the curling iorn

  12. Apeksha Rai

    LOL.. XD I thought somethings wrong with my headphones….
    Nice tutorial! Thankyou! Loved your hair color, same pinch!!

  13. Sofia Mae Paga

    i thought my speakers got broken

  14. Eva Alsaberi

    Really cute 😘but can I know what is the name of the curling iron please

  15. Leannah Bartels

    So doing this for my
    christmas look… Thank you so much

  16. Alexandra Chao

    what is this song called?

  17. Raja Saqib Raja Saqib

    u r so beautyful

  18. Raja Saqib Raja Saqib


  19. August Rain

    you’re so pretty

  20. Diana R

    your hair is beautiful ;)

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