Sh*t Girls Say About Hair – Episode 2 | Aussie Hair Care

Sh*t Girls Say About Hair – Episode 2 | Aussie Hair Care

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Think that's back as well as a lot more dramatic than ever before. Enjoy exactly what occurs when hair probs struck the coastline. Share if you have actually prob, def stated a few of these. Do not fret, we have actually all existed. #DitchTheDrama

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57 Responses to Sh*t Girls Say About Hair – Episode 2 | Aussie Hair Care

  1. Becs Marlowe

    Is this supposed to be a transgender woman?
    If so, YAY!!

    • никa

      I took it as making fun of transgender women

    • Ravenous Demon

      +Sierra Liley do you really think people choose to go through so much
      criticism just for the fun of it? your a fucking idiot (I’m trans BTW)

    • Tara

      +Sierra Liley Nah it’s not people wanting to play with themselves. Honestly
      I’d take a knife to my junk and remove it already if I wasn’t sure I’d
      bleed out and die from it.

  2. MeliyBelly

    The only YouTube commercial I clicked on to see the ad again

    • Yvonne Perez

      high my

    • Nancy Aldape

      Lol, Same

    • Magical Peanut Butter


  3. PandaPants

    I can’t figure out if it’s someone who is just crossdressing for comedy, or
    an actual transgender person.

    • Natagallo

      Im like 90% sure its Matthew Lush or a twin of his xD

    • PandaPants


    • Fitality 95

      +Chloe Hood seriously lol

    • PandaPants

      +Breathless Banana Nice. xD I’d want to see that!

  4. Sarah Leslie-Marie

    LOL I jump back like that EVERY time someone throws something to me

    • Aishwarya N. Rao


    • Sarah Leslie-Marie

      +Aishwarya N. Rao XD

  5. Heaven J

    lol literally the only ad I never skip trying to watch other videos lol

    • armani moore

      It legit hooked me from the beginning 😂

    • OreoChickz2013

      Me too!!

    • Ahrianna Kitson

      It did broo lol then wen she got wet and said I hate the beach I was dead

  6. Angie Huesca

    How long did you guys have to wait for that wave to hit him. Laughing so
    hard at that scene omg

    • Mitchell New

      It’s a comedian.

    • im suffering

      It’s a guy…

    • Taylor Renee'

      It’s a girl! 😃👧🏽👑🎀🎊👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • im suffering

      +Taylor Renee’ no its a comedian dressed up as a girl, if I dress up as a
      guy for a comedy don’t Call me a guy lol

    • Taylor Renee'

      +bts doesnt know im their wife dude. Chill out and based off this video I
      would assume she’s trans so, BASED OFF THIS VIDEO I’m going to call her a
      girl so you can go suck a foot 🖕🏽

  7. Ana Costa

    This is mu favorite commercial

    • Ruth Angelot

      same 😂

  8. ‫الجهل قوة‬‎

    It would be funny if the roles were reversed, a woman was playing the part
    of having a bad hair day, and a dude with long beautiful locks throws her a
    bottle of shampoo or conditioner

    • Ecat2152

      That souds amaazing

    • Toaster Bird

      Um… That is a woman

    • pop you in the schnoz

      ^^ Um… Exactly. She’s saying it’d be funny if the guy who threw her the
      shampoo was a boy with long blonde locks.

    • ‫الجهل قوة‬‎

      +pop you in the schnoz
      Thanks, yeah that’s what I meant 🙂

  9. jelixtrash

    this is LITERALLY the ONLY ad ive never skipped through lol

    • Jada Highs


    • eveningbreeze

      same here lol

    • Tiniesbit101


    • Heaven J

      comment stealer lol

    • Bitnah S

      jelixtrash this and poopuri commercials.

  10. Mayra Ramirez

    This is literally the only commercial I actually watch till the end.

    • Rebeca Rebeca

      Lol same.😂😂

    • Sacrifice Yourself To Shrek


    • Bella Blossom


  11. Alex Lagura

    I’m so glad that I didn’t skip this commercial 😂😂😂

    • aussie

      We’re happy to hear you enjoyed it as much as we did, Alex! Have you ever
      tried any of our shampoos and conditioners?

    • Alex Lagura

      I haven’t tried it yet and I don’t know if it’s available here in
      Philippines.Great commercial 👍

  12. mirta000

    THIS is how you get people to watch your adds :D

  13. Hereismytwocents2011

    Who is the blonde girl at the end?

  14. olivia martinez

    I love this commercial! I never skip it. But I wonder as an African
    American if this stuff would even work on my hair? I want to use the deep
    conditioner, but would it work? Would any of the products work on my hair?
    Like is this AD even relevant to me?

    • aussie

      Absolutely, Olivia! We have aussome products for all types of hair and our
      3 Minute Miracle would work wonders for you! 🙂

  15. Norma Lujano


  16. MissLexiMarie

    This is why I don’t use Aussie

  17. Daenerys Targaryen

    Only add i didnt skip through.

  18. Charlie Edwards

    I actively searched this commercial just to hate on how annoying it is.

  19. I SawACatEatA Biscuit

    Princess Lumps as a human being

  20. Mackenzie

    this is so funny, only commercial that’s entertaining

    • aussie

      Hi Mackenzie, we’re so happy to have made you laugh. Have you ever tried
      any of our products?

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