Easy Solution for Hair Loss

Easy Solution for Hair Loss

Exactly how Caboki Works:


Filmed at Caboki customer convention.

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46 Responses to Easy Solution for Hair Loss

  1. Shooty McPscHITT

    Can I rub this on my face and get a beard?!



    • kamagate abdel

      lmao man u killed me

    • hk ispee

      sir, u r smart

  2. teamturtle88

    imagine trevor philips

  3. William W.

    does it work on blonde teenagers cause my mom said my grandpa went bald
    when he was like 16 so im supposed to lose my hair around then. sucks its
    not from you fathers side my grandpa is over 70 and hasnt lost any hair

    • Fourleaf Soldier

      +MaZe FaZe I don’t think you understand the concept.

  4. Harley Hermia

    can you do that on pubic hair?lol

  5. Ty

    yeah, my friend and I tried this stuff. It surprisingly actually does
    work. And no it doesn’t make it look like you just bought a wig. Some
    idiot who doesn’t know anything about this product and clearly has never
    used this made that comment on here. It looks like your hair as long as
    you get the color close to your hair color. This is a great invention, but
    maybe they can actually invent something that truly stops hair loss and
    grows someone’s hair back who is looking to do so. They’ve got viagra for
    sex, weight loss pills and every other kind of pill. How about a hair
    growth pill that does actually work. No, not propecia.

    • ZEDorDEAD

      +MrKeyboardCommando its easy …. to stop the hair loss shoot yourself in
      the face making sure to wipe out the central cortex then you will have
      totally and utterly stopped the hair loss

    • MrKeyboardCommando

      +ZoD And you’ve cured the ageing problem as well !!! You, sir, are nothing
      short of a genius. Yet again, YouTube solves the World’s problems.

    • Silver Mcgallon

      +ZoD But later wouldn’t the hair disintegrate?

    • Reid Gray

      +dsspike51 Wax it all or user a ‘No No’ hair remover.

  6. SATURN+

    what’s the name of this tune..

  7. Hannah Mahoney-Smith

    What kind of science is this o_O sooo cool! aha

    • Alex M

      *what kind of sorcery is this?

    • Snoopy Snoopy

      What kind of society is this

    • Alex M

      +Snoopy Snoopy a society where we are slaves of randomly implemented beauty

    • Snoopy Snoopy

      +Sacrengard Not very randomly Im afraid. Check: The Twilight Zone Season 1,
      Episode 39 and also Twilight Zone S05E17

  8. Ger Lee

    basically powders that blends colors and covers bald spot..

  9. SouljaboyRitualSODMG

    someone show this to LeBron

    • liveyourlifeb4end


  10. smowkdaddy

    Still no cure for baldness! Next!

  11. Eric Santos Jr

    is this permanent?

  12. Emelin Sosa

    Where can i get Caboki? Thanks… 

  13. alan lam

    Can i grow an afro with this stuff

    • mixman29

      No because once you wash your hair its gone…

    • Massimo Sela (Marine1x1)

      I was thinking the same😂😂

  14. baielynadorj

    So this is how LeBron got his hairline back.

    • Tamara Evole

      I say give ArganRain a try. Also make sure you (1) eat right and (2) have
      proper hair care. If you need info on all these, there’s this site with
      excellent write-ups on them ArganRain hair loss no more a problem for me.

    • Keda Miles

      There is a hair product line called nioxin too. Helps make thicker lookin
      hair. Not sure if it actually makes it grow back. I use shea butter,
      rosemary, lavender, argan, horsetail, emu oil and much more. Figure out
      which works best for you. Use for several months b4 switching to another

    • Sams Paul

      Unfortunately there still not many options out there. Hair loss is tough
      and the best way to find what works for you is seeing your doctor. There is
      a great product to prevent hair lose and grow it faster; named ArganRain

    • Abby Johnston

      I say give ArganRain a try. Also make sure you (1) eat right and (2) have
      proper hair care. If you need info on all these, there’s this site with
      excellent write-ups on them ArganRain hair loss no more a problem for me.

    • Steve Halbera

      Anyway, Argan Rain also a cheaper and effective way of re-growing lost
      hair compared to those unnatural ways which may involve harsh chemicals
      that may have side effects.

  15. C Curtin

    How does this work?!?!

    • Caboki

      +C Curtin check out http://www.caboki.com/

    • Belly Sona

      Natural oils like argan oil applied to the scalp are also known to help
      repair hair loss damage and promote healthy blood circulation to the scalp,
      which keeps follicles healthy too. I hope this helps out ArganRain it
      helps me….

    • Keda Miles

      And rosemary oil with a carrier oil.

    • Felicia Eng


    • Caboki
  16. christian østberg

    My best friend is getting a moon and is only 24 so he has started to shave
    i ting i should show him this 

  17. S Kapone

    The black dude is the only one that shows “African American” …the world
    is self consciously racist lol

    • Infinity Cubed

      I know right ,sooo racist!

    • William L

      He was black? I thought he was a darker shade of brown, chocolate is black.

  18. luisa fernandes

    ow my childhood 😢

  19. Alexis1005 Hutchinson

    Fast to

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